In the years that I have been involved politically, and in health policy, I have discovered that legislative agendas tell you a great deal about the organization that published the agenda.

When an organization publishes it’s legislative agenda it is telling it’s members, it’s lobbyists and legislators what it’s priorities are for the coming year and what changes it believes are vital.  A legislative agenda acts an action plan, and as an identifier for the character of the organization.

When I first saw the 2014 Legislative agenda for the Florida Nurses Association I knew it wasn’t everything I had hoped for the organization, but it was a pretty big “wish list”.

Then I saw the legislative agenda for the Florida Medical Association for 2014.  A much larger “wish list” for sure, and for me some troubling wishes.

So I ask you to review these two agendas and see what you think.  And most of all remember this is Florida we are talking about, where 25% of the population doesn’t have health insurance, health care outcomes are less than stellar and access to health care is a major challenge.2014 FNA Legislative Platform FMA2014LegislativeAgenda-1